Hello out there…

Hello Out There…

This is my first / second blog to the world.  More like my second because I started another blog but didnt like the forum so I think I might delete it and just use WordPress.

I am a recently discovered “Foodie” or obsessed with making new recipes, reading food blogs, and researching food/drink combos. I am 29 almost 30, and live in Winnipeg MB. Originally from BC, this is the strangest place I thought I would ever end up in! So here I am for the time being sharing some of my newly found passions.

Surprisingly I seem to pretty good at cooking, which is sort of a shock to me as I never thought I was. Sometimes I fail but most of the time it ends up turning out pretty great!

So like all the other self proclaimed foodies out there I am sharing with you my experiences in what I make, and what I have read that I want to make on other blogs as well as delicious bites along the way! You will also probably get some insight into my life and some funny stories as well.

I hope it comes off as entertaining and the food comes out as delicious.

So most recently I am on a big health food kick as well as working out. Am trying to drop 10pds before I go away on holidays. Let me tell you with being a foodie that is hard! But I think I am doing pretty well at preparing delicious food that tastes great and is healthy for you!

I have been reading this one blog called Skinny Taste and decided to try one the recipes last night. It was an Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing, let me tell you this stuff is a huge party in my mouth.

I even took some for lunch today and dipped carrots in it! It was so good that I will probably become obsessed with it and make it all the time, perhaps tweak it a bit until I am 100% satisfied. But over all best dressing recipe I have tried in a while.

Here is a link to the blog with the most delicious dressing and party in your mouth!

Plus all the other yummy goodies it has to offer – Skinny Taste

Sorry this post wasn’t super exciting, just wanted to put something out there and introduce myself!

Next one will have a great reciepe that I tried, Ive been obsessing about making my own salsa, so I will probably do that this weekend and blog about it. I can just taste the cilantro, garlic, fresh tomatoes in my mouth!

Tell we “eat” again…


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